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VSA PXIe-5663E - Power meter

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Dear All, 

I am working on developing a measurement system consists of two chassis one for receivers and the other one for generators. 

Regarding receivers, I was trying to verify the power reading of the each VSA by doing a comparison between power received by each receiver and a power meter. It seems there is a difference in reading between the reading of the receiver and the power meter. when I checked the power meter with another power meter I found there is no problem. 


Does any of you have an Idea why there is a difference between VSA power reading and the power meter. I will be really appreciated your help. 

please see the attached file that shows the problem. 


Thank you 

best regards

Thoalfukar Husseini

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Thank you for posting this question. I would like to check up on this post since no one in the community has gotten back to you yet.  


If you are getting unexpected readings from your hardware, it might need calibration. We recommend to calibrate hardware every 6-12 months to make sure you get accurate measurements.


Best regards,

Sara Nordin Hällgren

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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Thanks Sara for the reply, 

Actually I implemented a code to calibrate the VSA using the power meter (over frequency list). 


I asked this question to an expert before, and his answer was '' yes of course the VSA reading would not be an accurate as the power meter'' 

To be honest I did not know what is the reason behind that, then I posted this question here. 

I wish if there is some one could give me any reference shows why that problem would happen. 



Thank you 

Best regards

Thoalfukar Husseini

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Accepted by topic author thoalfukar

Hi again, 


I completely understand that you want to know what is happening. I am not completely sure what that expert was referring to, but I have here found this document that I hope will clarify things for you:





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I really Appreciate your help Sara, that was helpful, now at least I have reference for what I have found with my VSAs 

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