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VI for PXI 6052E with SCXI 1140

I am novice at LabVIEW and I am in deep need for some guidance. I have got a PXI/SCXI system that I intend to use as a multi-channel oscilloscope. I have got eight SCXI 1140 cards along with one PXI 6052E, all sitting in a PXI-SCXI combination chassis (PXI-1011), and they are being controlled by an NI 8174 controller. All the hardware has been installed properly and NI-DAQ detects everything fine. Now I want to write a VI (I have got NI-DAQ 6.9.1 and LabVIEW 6i) that will allow me to monitor my 64 anolog inputs just like in a 64 channel oscilloscope. I know that the gain on the SCXI is set manually. The reason I went with the SCXI 1140 was to have no skew time and also have differential inputs. I intend to measure 64 signals in a range
of +/-100 mV at an effective sampling rate of 5KHz (for each channel)with the highest resolution possible. If you could give me any suggestion about how to write a VI for this application, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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I would recommend to take a look at the LV shipping examples. There are two of them that fit what you are looking for. The first one is called SCXI-1140 Phase Difference and the other one is called Cintinuous Acquisition & Graph (Buffered).

The general scheme that you need to follow is:
AI Config VI (here you will specify your channel list)>>AI Start>>AI Read (in a loop)>>AI Clear>>Error Handler.

For more programming ideas, I recommend to visit ni.com and make a search on the specific topic that you are looking for. NI offeres Knowledge Bases, Example Programs and Tutorials that help customers develop their applications.

Good luck!
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Thank you very much for your help!
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