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Using PXI 6541 in real time applications


I am using PXI 6541 for data acquisition from an electronic card. Electronic card generates an interrupt signal and PXI acquire data  when it gets interrupt signal. The interrupt signal is generated 1 KHz. But using my windows XP, I cannot acquire data on this high rate. The highest rate that I can acquire data is 50 Hz. If I want to acquire data with 1 K Hz, from electronic card using PXI 6541 and using Windows XP,  What Should I do.

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Are you trying to use the 'interrupt signal' as a sample clock for your acquisition?  If so, you should be able to route the signal to the PFI input and configure it as the sample clock.  


As mentioned in your other thread (http://forums.ni.com/t5/Digital-I-O/Using-PXI-6541-in-real-time-applications/m-p/2561885), I would also recommend looking through some of the examples to get a starting point for your application.  

James K.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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