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Using Event Structures on external PXI-Device

Hello together,


I have a VI which uses Event Structures to handle User Inputs from the front panel. While executing the VI under LabView on a standard WindowsPC the Value Changes from user buttons etc. are properly recognized and the specific event is triggered.


However, the program needs to run on a PXI-1042Q/PCI-8196 device chassis which is connected via LAN to the user interface PC. When I start the VI from the PC it is loaded onto the PXI runtime. When I try to change any user inputs from the Control Panel on the PC, these are not registered as a value change from the VI which is running on the PXI device. I therefore edited the event case and replaced the event structures for each user button by simple case structures. This works but makes the programm very complicated and i would like to use the Event Structures instead.


Has anyone an idea on how to register Event Case Value changes on external PC's while the VI itself is running on a PXI device?

I have attached a simple statemachine, on how i implemented the event cases.



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I am confused about your setup.  Is the PXI controler running an RT application?  If not, how are you starting up the remote VI?  Why do you have a seperate PC?


If you really want to have remote control, I suggest you set up some TCP/IP communications.  Then the PXI controller recieves commands from the GUI PC and does whatever it needs to instead of looking for button presses.

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