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Use of PXI printer port adapter P/N 777169-01 to connect SCXI-1200 to SCXI-2000

Found a SCXI-2000 chassis in the bone pile, and want to connect the parallel port output of a SCXI-1200 to its parallel port input, both on their backs.The original cable is lost, and no longer available for purchase from NI.


Have a P/N #777169-01 parallel port cable, which is used with our PXI embedded controllers to adapt to standard DB-25 printer cables. This adaptor has an IEEE-1284 type "C" (MDR-36, or "mini" centronics) male connector that usually plugs into the PXI embedded controller's printer output jack, and also will plug into the SCXI-2000's parallel input jack (on the back).The other end of the adaptor is a female IEEE-1284 type "A" (DB-25) parallel plug, which normally plugs into the male end of a conventional printer cable.


Only one problem, the DB-25 on the back of the SCXI-1200 is also a female.


Question: if I get a male/male DB-25 cable, to bridge these two females, will it work? I checked the identification of the digital and control lines on the #777169-01 parallel port cable, and they are consistent with the IEEE-1284 setup at both ends.The SCXI-1200 parallel port output is also consistent with this standard for a type "A" (and I have used the SCXI-1200 many times with an older computer that has the old type "A" printer jack). Seems straightforward enough.


I don't want to do this without some confidence that it (may) work. Any knowledge or experiences out there?


Huge thanks in advance!



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