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Use PXIe Card in PXI Chassis

I have a PXI Express card PXIe-6356 that I need to use in a PXI-1044 Chassis with no PXIe slots. Is there any way to use the card in this chassis?

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No, the PXI-1044 cannot accept any PXIe cards.  You might want to consider getting a PXIe chassis that has enough PXI and PXI Hybrid slots to handle your PXI cards and then add the PXIe-6356.  Another option would be to use a USB-6356 instead of the PXIe-6356.

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If you're interested in speaking with a sales engineer they can help lay out some options for PXIe chassis and how to upgrade your system you can reach them at (877) 387-0015. They're very helpful and will be very understanding if you're just looking for information and not to buy immediately. 


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