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Use Function Generator To Trigger Switch Open/Close Visual Basic Example?

The PXI architecture is all very new to me, so I hope you'll bear with me on a few basic questions.


I've got a PXI-5402 FGen and several PXI-2521 switch blocks in a PXI-1033 chassis. I'm using Visual Studio 2008 (w/Measurement Studio), and have the generator set up to generate single-shot pulses of various widths using a frequency list. What I'd like to do is use the output of the generator to feed a relay in one of the switches, so it will close for the specific duration of the generator's single shot (I understand the PXI-2531's worst-case open/close times are 3.3mS each, so I am not expecting millisecond precision). 


I know the PXI chassis have an internal bus to handle this, with up to 8 different channels. But it's not clear to me how I access those in Visual Basic, and I seem to be having trouble finding any examples. Can anyone point me to an example in VS that shows how this is done? 

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Hello jvavra,


Please take a look to this function.  http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/370627F-01/mstudiowebhelp/html/85b4527/


You can map triggers with it on your PXI.




Daniel M

Daniel M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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