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USB zip drive work on ni8174 with NT4.0?

Has anyone used an Iomega Zip drive (USB) on the NI8174 with NT 4.0 installed? Iomega supplies special drivers for using usb on NT 4.0, but I am wondering about if the drivers work on this computer from NI...
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Hello Jason!

The NI 8171 Series PXI Embedded Controllers use industry standard Intel architectures. Specifically, these controllers use the Intel 815e chipset, which implements a UHCI USB host adapter. As long as the Iomega NT driver supports this adapter, this should work.

As far as software, you will need to disable Legacy USB in BIOS, so that the OS can use the Iomega driver. With Legacy USB disabled, you will not be able to use USB keyboards or mice.

Julianna Forrest
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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