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The external clock synchronization of PXIe-1083

We have bought a PXIe-1083 to replace the previous large PXI. We used 6674T to synchronize the chassis with other devices before, but the PXIe-1083 does not have interface for this 6674T. So, is there any way to solve this problem, or any other way to  synchronize the chassis with other devices without synchronous card? There is no other interface on the PXIe-1083 expect tow Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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It is just that you have got the wrong chassis for the job then, 1083 is a compact thunderbolt-based chassis and not meant for multi-chassis applications.


Unfortunately, you cannot install any type of timing and synchronization modules and install only the regular PXIe Hybrid slot compatible modules. You've to upgrade to 1085 or 1095 for the expansion.


You can use external triggers if your modules have PFI terminals to do so or else you don't have a way.

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