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Synchronize PXI 4462 & 4472

The system setup is:

1. PXI-1033 chassis

2. Slot 2 - PXI-4462(DAS)

    Slot 3 - PXI-5412 (AWG)

    Slot 4 - PXI-4472 (DAS)

We are measuring 5Hz - 25kHz. We are particularly interested in the phase difference between the 4462 & 4472 measurements. 


I need to synchronize the 4462 & 4472. Is this possible with this setup? My understanding is that the  PXI Chassis 10MHz clock must be used for both te 4462 & 4472 and the Star Trigger is also required. I think I read that the DAS must be both in slave mode for this to work. How could I accomplish this? Is there a labview DAQmx example available? thanks

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Hello davidhi,


I am not entirely certain if this will solve your problem, but this page (http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/11369/en/) has a lot of good information on synchronizing DAQmx events via clock synchronization and designating master/slave tasks. Figure 8, for instance, might be of help.


Best of luck!


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