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Synchronize 5663 and 5673



I am using 5652 of VSG 5673 as the transmitter and 5652 of VSA 5663 as the LO for the receiver part.

I need to use a single source which will transmit the signal as well as act as local oscillator for the receiver part. I have one option of using one 5652 only(from the 5663) and split the signal, one connected to a transmitting  antenna and the other acting as the local oscillator in 5601. But I want to use both the signal generators  and so was thinking if the two signal generators can be synchronized.


If I want to go with the second option, can I synchronize  5652 (from a5663) with a 5652 (from a 5673)?



Thanks so much,


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Hello Sharmi,


It's a little unclear from your post, but it sounds like you're using one 5652 as a CW source, and are using a 5663 (with a separate 5652) to capture received signals. 


1. Is it possible to use the same 5652 as an LO and CW source?

-no, these need to be controlled separately for this kind of application (i.e. separate amplitude & frequency control).


2. Is it possible to synchronize a 5652 (acting as a CW source) with a 5663?

Yes, it's possible to TClk these devices together, so that generation and acquisition start simultaneously. I believe my coworker has already forwarded you information on this subject in a separate service request.


In order for us to help you better, it may be valuable for you to provide a much more detailed description of your application. This may save on much of the back and forth communication, and would allow us to give you more specific assistance.



James M. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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I tried using RFSA Synchronization with TClk and RFSG vi to generate a continuous wave using 5652 and acquire that signal using a 5663 for synchronus generation and acquisition, as suggested by Vimal. However, when executing 'niTClk Configure For Homogeneous Trigger' step, I am getting the following error -

-'Error-250027-NI TClk does not support the specified session.'.



Could you please help me out?


Thanks so much,




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