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Sine wave flatness verification failure



We calibrated (self calibration) PXI 5402 using NI max.


We did verification for Oscillator Frequency Accuracy, Sine Wave Flatness Correction Accuracy and Main Path Gain and Offset Accuracy using the CALIBRATION PROCEDURE NI 5402/5406 (Document: 372135a.pdf). Verification of Oscillator Frequency Accuracy and Main Path Gain and Offset Accuracy done successfully.


However we faced a problem during the verification of Sine Wave Flatness Correction Accuracy.




We drove the values as mentioned in the Table 3. Values for Verifying the Sine Wave Flatness Accuracy of CALIBRATION PROCEDURE NI 5402/5406 (Document: 372135a.pdf). The test passed for the iteration 1 through 7, but when we drove the values mentioned as per iteration 8, 9 and 10 the system throws an error as shown below.



"DAQmx Error -200516 Occurred

Measurements: Calibration constants stored in the EEPROM produced an invalid value for the gain DAC. An incorrect calibration might have been performed or the calibration data in the EEPROM might have been corrupted."


Can any one help me rectifying the above problem.


Many Thanks


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