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Simulate PXI-1033

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Good Afternoon,


I am in need of some clarification on PXI simulation through MAX.   I have a PXI-1033 chassis (integrated MXI to PCIe) and several PXI modules on order.   As they will take several weeks to arrive, naturally I would like to simulate these devices and begin building VIs.


As I understand the infomation in the knowledge base and forums, all I have to do is simulate the PXI modules themselves in MAX and simulate nothing for the PXI-1033 chassis.


Is this correct?   Any reassurances would be greatly appreciated!




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Hey Zach,


You are correct. We cannot simulate a PXI-1033 chassis, but because it is just an expansion chassis, we do not need to. You can simulate the modules themselves in MAX under DAQmx devices and then you should be able to start writing code.


Good Luck and Thank you,


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I have created simulated PXIe-4143 and PXIe-4137 devices in NI MAX.  However, the device routes for triggering do not show in NI MAX and aren't shown in LabVIEW.  How can I get the trigger routes to be listed to program triggers with the simulated modules?

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Looks like the DCPower driver has a bug or limitation, it does not load the Device Routes in NI MAX whereas the DAQmx simulated devices load them properly.


Looks like you've to work based on the user manual that lists the available routes.

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