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Setup PXI-1042 Chassis with PXI-8360 and PCI-8361

I have tried to setup a PXI-1042 Chassis with PXI-8360 and PCI-8361. I have installed all software listed in attachment 'treiber calib pc.PNG'.

When I open NIMAX, only the PCI-8361 Card is listed in 'MySystem' > 'Devices and Interfaces'. See attachment 'ni max calib pc.png'.


The 'link' LED on the PXI-8360 turns green when I connect it to the PCI-8361. So does the LED on the PCI-8361.


What do I need to do to get the PXI-1042 Chassis listed in NIMAX?


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See Symptom 2: NI MAX cannot detect, recognize, or connect to my PXI or MXI hardware of MXI-Express Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Most of the troubleshooting guide is specific to PXI Express/PXIe chassis, and the PXI-1042 is different. There's no SMBus device in device manager, and you have to tell MAX what kind of chassis you are using (auto chassis ID is a new feature of PXIe). But I haven't done that in a lot of years so I can't tell you how. I'd start right-clicking on things in MAX. 


I also don't remember whether the PXI-8360 will show up in MAX. Maybe it's supposed to? 


- Robert

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