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Setting up two HDD-8266 to aggregate streaming speed and storage space.



[Outstanding Question]

How can two sets of HDD-8266 be configured as one simple volume with doubled streaming performance and storage space, as guided in 

NI HDD-8266 Datasheet (http://www.ni.com/datasheet/pdf/en/ds-505) ? 

Or, does this article not say that one simple volume can be configured using multiple sets of HDD-8266?  Does it implicitly say same number of volumes (drives) should be created as the number of HDD-8266 in system, then, specify different drive letters for file saving, so that the total performance and space can be increased for the multiple numbers of HDD-8266 in system?



I have two HDD-8266 and would like to set up one volume by using the two HDD-8266s, so that the volume can get doubled streaming performance and storage space. 

NI HDD-8266 Datasheet (http://www.ni.com/datasheet/pdf/en/ds-505) mentions that


"In a high-performance PXI Express chassis such as the NI PXIe-1085, you can increase the total stream to/from disk rates by using multiple HDD-8266 RAID enclosures. For example, in a single NI PXIe-1085 chassis with an NI PXIe-8135 embedded controller, you can interface two HDD-8266 enclosures to achieve a total stream to/from data rate of 7.2 GB/s."


This is exactly what I would like to achieve. 


I followed "Setting Up NI HDD-8266 RAID Configuration (http://www.ni.com/tutorial/53938/en/)".  Just with using only one set of HDD-8266, I successfully got 3.59GB/sec benchmark results with example programs of Adv. Async. TDMS Write/Read.  However, there is no guide of how to configure two sets of HDD-8266 as one volume in the document.  


Therefore, I visited MicroSemi support page to find further information, and found an article of "Is it possible to create an array that includes hard drives from multiple RAID controllers?" (http://ask.microsemi.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2345/~/is-it-possible-to-create-an-array-that-inclu... According to this article, it is not possible to configure two controllers to set up one volume.  



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Osamu Fujioka

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Take a look at this tutorial. This explains how to set up your HDD-8266 RAID, according to the info you posted what you want to achieve is called stripping. For this you must configure the RAID level as 0 (go to section: 5.Create the Logical Devices, Configure the RAID Level >> Through maxView Storage Manager >> step 5, "5. Select RAID configuration you need and click Next" )


Here you can find more information regarding RAID Levels.




José F.

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