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Serial numbers on 4497 cards

I am trying to reconcile the three different serial numbers that seem to be associated with each 449x card:

  1. Part 199108G-04L is the base board, with a serial number that starts with 1
  2. Part 196153H-04L is the daughter board, with a serial number that starts with 1
  3. Part 781369-01 seems to be the entire assembly, with a serial number that starts with H

The issue I have is that serial number 3 (the entire assembly) is what is being tracked by my property management team, but that number doesn't appear anywhere on the card (that I can see). The serial numbers of the base and daughter boards are on the cards. How do I find the SN of the assembly from the SNs of the base and/or daughter board (and vice versa?)

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You can find the SN of the final product from NI MAX. Ideally, there will be the final SN somewhere, try to search for the SN shown in NI MAX on the PCB stickers.

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NI MAX does indeed show a serial number, but it is the serial number of the base board, not the assembly.


To add to the confusion, the SN of the assembly is what is listed on the sticker on the outside of the cardboard box, but the SN of the base board is what is on the outside of the anti-static bag the card comes in.


Going forward, we will be sure to write down all of the relevant numbers, but it would be helpful to know how to find the assembly SN from the base board SN when we no longer have the box (or we don't know which card came in which box.)

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