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Sampling rate of analog inputs on PXI-6229

In the NI-622x specs the sampling rate of the analog inputs is specified as

250 kS/s single channel,
250 kS/s multi-channel (aggregate).

That means I have 250kS/s for ALL my analog inputs together right?

So if I would use 10 analog channels I would get a sampling rate of 25kS/s per channel.


Is that correct? Thanks for your help.

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Hi max5_de,


You are correct, on multiplexed boards such as the 622x the sample rate is an aggregate spec meaning that it is divided across all of the channels you are using.


We also have simultaneous boards, which have a S/s/ch (samples per second per channel) spec.   These boards tend to be more expensive since they have a dedicated ADC for each channel.



Best Regards,


John Passiak
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