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Safety Interlock Error (PXIe-4136

So, I'm about to begin calibrating this PXIe-4136 using Calibration Executive. The card is installed in our PXIe-1062Q mainframe and is recognized in the NI MAX program. Shortly after powering on the mainframe the access light alternates between green and amber then the red voltage light illuminates and I get the following message in NI MAX:


"Status code -235115
An internal self test has failed, If this error persists, the safety of the interlock feature may be compromised. Please contact NI technical support."


This appears when I try to reset, test, or self-calibrate the device in NI MAX. The safety interlock is installed properly on the front panel and after a visual inspection of the card and interlock everything seems to be as it should be. I've calibrated multiple 4136 cards before and haven't had this issue.


Anyone have any possible guidance?




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Hi ShadyJN,


It will be helpful to get a more complete understanding of your current system to help narrow down where the problem might be coming from.


  1. In your PXIe-1062Q chassis, are you connecting to it from a PC using a MXI bus or are you using an embedded controller inserted into Slot 1?
  2. What other cards or modules do you have in your PXIe-1062Q chassis, and what slots are they in?
  3. The Voltage status indicator light illuminating red points to the device being in a bad state or in an error state, or that there may be high voltages present on the device. (From the bottom table of this article)
  4. Are there any connections or voltages being input to the safety interlock inputs? (article here)
  5. There is a safety interlock test procedure in the Getting Started Guide for the PXIe-4136 using the NI-DCPower Soft Front Panel. Could you try going through those steps and seeing if that allows you to reset the safety interlock?

If going through the safety interlock test in step 5 above fails, your PXIe-4136 SMU may be damaged. Please reach out to an Applications Engineer at ni.com/support or by calling in at (866) 275-6964 and I or one of my colleagues will be able to assist you with some further troubleshooting.



Jason O.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

System Engineer
Testeract: Automated Test Specialists
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