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Reading data through NI PCIe-8381 in Visual C++



I would like to seek some guidance in accessing NI PCIe-8381 card using Visual C++.
The issue is that I need to read the data in my C/C++ application directly through the PCI-8381 card instead of LabView. This card is plugged in a general purpose PC and this card is connected to NI PXI-8381 card in PXI station.
I read online that DAQmx library lets you access NI cards this way, but I couldn't find any reference for PCIe-8381 as a support device.

Any guidance/help would be highly appreciated.
Kind Regards,

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The NI PCIe-8381 is a MXI Express Host Interface, and connecting the card to your PC should be fine. The DAQmx driver is for data acquisition cards, or any modules from which you would be measuring, and you will need PXI Platform Services to interface with your PXI system and PC.


For more information on setting up that hardware and getting started, you may want to refer to the MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide or the MXI-Express Series User Manual: Parts of a PXI System. Hope this helps!

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