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Read Operation Error (Hex 0xBFFF0015) between Waters 2465 ECD and NI-VISA

Hello all, 

(One small caveat, I am a biochemist, not a computer scientist, so this is all very new to me)

I have here with me a (quite old) Waters 2465 Electrochemical Detector and I am attempting to interface this instrument with a Windows 7 PC running LabView, with NI-VISA, NI-MAX, and NI-Serial, as well as a plethora of other Drivers (plug-N-play, etc.) included. The detector is connected via a 3rd party RS-232-USB connection. 

My desire is to use this ECD to record current level as a function of time, and any instrumental input needed for the experimental parameters can be set up manually on the ECD machine. 

In NI-MAX, I am able to locate the instrument, and validate its settings (Baud: 38400, 8-N-1-None) per the ECD manual. 
When I open a VISA panel I always make sure to: validate the settings (above) again and check "Enable Terminal Character". 

Upon querying the instrument, I am able to write any NI commands without issue, however; I receive a timeout error during the read operation. 
I have tried \n, \r, \r\n, and \f as terminal characters for the *IDN? command, yet the timeout issue persisted. 

I am also aware that the instrument may not share the available commands that are provided in VISA. To this end, I have tried searching the instruments manual for alternative ASCII commands, but was unable to find any (I don't know if the phrase "ASCII command" best describes what "*IDN?" is, however, I am a chemist) 

In order to make sure that the issue was not my 3rd party connector, I conducted a serial loop test, which it passed. 

My questions are these: 

1) Any additional tests or troubleshooting that is recommended? 
2) Can I configure the communication in a different way? 

3) Is there an additional driver I need to run Waters' Instruments? 
4) Do I even need to make sure I am no longer receiving this read timeout error before proceeding to use the instrument to make measurements? 


Thank you for your willingness to help!

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