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Pxi System getting hung while running

Thanks for your reply,

I have checked up heap memory also but we find there is no significant change in the heap memory size.

Please let me know what are the other causes that can contribute to pxi hanging. As our project is quit big. Please let me know the other possible reasons of Pxi hanging.

Also one main observation is that, the system runs for a quit a longer time when the labview is exit without quitting the VI's (i.e. the program running in pxi).

Thank U,
Mahesh Kumar V.K
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You may be experiencing the results of a programming error, or an old bug. Have you located the portion of code where the problem is occurring?

Also, did you upgrade to NI-DAQ 6.9.1? Have you tried the code in LabVIEW Real-Time 6i? Are you using SCXI? Which DAQ boards are you using?

Are you using serial, or GPIB? Are you doing File I/O? Which network communication methods are you using?

Does the controller hang, or reboot? Please describe the behavior in detail.


Chad H.
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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