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Producer/Consumer Architecture Problem



I am attempting to use a producer/consumer architecture to acquire data from three different PXI modules. I am measuring some analog, thermocouple, and vibration measurements. There are some issues with timing and writing it to a TDMS.


The measurements are obtained at different rates (thermocouple at 2Hz and accelerometer at 10kHz, for example). The goal is to have the measurements synchronized in time. 


I am able to communicate and acquire data at the different rates okay in the beginning. But after maybe 5 minutes it starts to miss more and more data -- the sample rates slow down, essentially, and the different modules get out of sync.


Additionally, the queue in the consumer loop does not seem to empty while the acquisition is running. I have seen that it does not matter if I slow down the acquisition rate, the queue does not empty. 


I wonder if anyone has any ideas on improvements.




I have attached a copy of the VI and all its dependents.

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