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Problem with simultaneous AI and DO tasks: Error -89137


Answer please, before it was possible to adjust the internal reference frequency and is described into NI PXI- 5600 Calibration manual . At this point it is possible to make ? It is possible to further supply the necessary drivers when buy the device?


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Hi Trend22,


Could you further clarify your question?  Error -89137 is a DAQ error that can be resolved with the help of the following resources:


Why Do I Get a Resource Error -89317 When Using a Reference Clock with NI-DAQmx Devices?



Problem with simultaneous AI and DO tasks: Error -89317



As far as the PXI 5600, this is a downcoverter module most commonly used in the context of a 5660 or 5661 vector signal analyzer.  It uses the RFSA driver, which can be downloaded from ni.com/downloads along with the rest of our drivers.




If the above links are not what you are looking for, please further clarify your question - thanks!


Michael Keane
National Instruments
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