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Power Requirement



Does PXi-6528 require an external power supply

or PXI chassis itself will provide for that module?


Is it possible to measure the voltage of input line of 5v, 40mA with this module?

If then pls mention upto what range it supports(current with 5V)?






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Hi senag,


Looking over the spec sheet page 23, it seems like the PXI module provides the power so no external supply is needed.


It should be possible to measure 5V @ 40mA.  As to the maximum, this board is able to produce a maximum of 60V @ 150mA to drive a relay so I would guess that it is also able to sample your 5V @ 150mA.  Use that 150mA as a limit on the current you feed.  It could also be a possibility that this board has internal circuitiry to protect itself from excess current.



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