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Porting Code from DAQmx to NI-Scope

Hey all,
I have written some vi's which uses DAQmx to capture waveform. But now we came to know tht its not a good idea to use DAQmx code for PXI 5122 card. I want to port the whole code to NI Scope. Is it possible ?? If any one has worked on this, could you please tell me what problems will I face for this code conversion.
Thank you.
Sarang Dhananjay Jaiswal
Satyam Development Center, Banglore, INDIA
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It should be an easy switch.  Waveform acquisition using DAQmx consists of just a few DAQmx functions to create, configure, acquire, and close.  Waveform acquisition using the NI-Scope driver has similar functions.

I would recommend starting with example code for NI-Scope.  Start>>Programs>>National Instruments>>NI-SCOPE>>Examples>>(Your programming language)>>Configured Acquisition.

You can either use this code to replace the DAQmx waveform acquisition code in your current program, or just build up from this example. 

Save a copy of your old program and go for it!  If you run into any problems, just let us know.

Good Luck,
Travis W
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Hello Sir,

                 I do not have that example in the LabVIEW version that I am using. We have recently ordered the LabVIEW 8.0 but didnt get it. So, Can you please send that example program from NI scope which converts the instrumentation session output to waveform output. Thank you for the help.

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Here is a slightly modified version of the "Configured Acquisition" example for LabVIEW 6.  This will open in any later version.  If you are using a newer version of the NI-Scope driver, you can replace the " niScope Multi Read Cluster.vi" with the polymorphic niScope Read in order to fetch data as a cluster or a waveform.  Also, if you receive an error loading the "niScope Error Handler.vi" you can simply replace it with a simple error handler.

Have a great day!


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Hello Sir,

               I've prepared a similar code which according to me, should work. But this code is not working. I've attached the code and the necessary drivers to this e-mail. Can you please take a look at the code and let me know where exactly I did mistake. I really appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.

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I do not have a Z-Scope in my system, so installing those drivers won't really help.  I recommend contacting the company that makes your scope for support on this matter.

In the future, I recommend using NI hardware products along with LabVIEW for ease of integration.  The NI-Scope driver currently ships with 39 "ready-to-run" examples that utilize the full functionality of our scopes.  Furthermore, you would be able to receive more pertinent support here on our discussion forums when proceeding with your application.

Have a great day!


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