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Please recommend a card to read encoder data

We are Using PXIe 8135 controller and PXIe 1082 chassis. I want a card compatible with this that can acquire data from an encoder.


Our current requirement is to get data from an encoder with 1000 pulses per revolution rotating at a rate of 6000 rpm.

So the card should be able read 100,000 pulses per second.


We are using this setup for a vibration analysis. To find the phase angle. (We already have a vibration card).

To get the exact phase angle we need to observe the rising edge of each encoder pulse with a minimum time error.

Therefore sampling at the Nyquist sample rate won’t be enough.

If we can go for a higher sampling rate, it will be the ideal scenario.


I’m thinking of purchasing PXI 6608 (Counter timer card for this purpose).

I would appreciate you guys expert opinion on whether this card will be suitable for our application or not?

And can I use a digital I/O card for this purpose instead of a Timer/counter card?

If so, could you please recommend a card for this application.


I look forward to hearing from you guys

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