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Perform VIH/VIL Test using SMU Sequence Functionality

I want to perform VIH/VIL Test for a certain device. I'm thinking of configuring the Source Mode to Sequence for Channel 0 (VIN). This will perform a ramp of VIN from 0V to 5V with 0.1V increment. But, I cannot figure out how to simultaneously perform measurement (synchronized) on Channel 1 (VOUT) for every step (sourcing from 0V to 5V with 0.1V increment) in the sequence performed on Channel 0 (VIN).


My aim is to get the results faster by removing the communication latency between the host computer and SMU among each measurement of a sequence. I'm actually using NI-DCPower Hardware-Timed Two-Channel Voltage Sweep.vi as my reference.


I hope someone can help. Thanks!

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Hey runwaydavey,


I am guessing you saw this white paper:



Which SMU are you working with?

NI Technical Support Engineer
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