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PXie 8361 not detected



We have a NI PXIe 8361 bridge and PXI3 1073 chassis with PXIe 6366 and PXIe 6361 DAQ cards in it. It is not being detected. Screenshot is attached. I have installed the LabVIEW, NI DAQmx 9.3.0, NI PXI Platform Services 2.5.6 and MXI compatibility software and the switch on the 8361 board is as shown in the knowledge base (First switch ON). Used to work fine with all this software installed and since the computer had isses and HDD was wiped clean, it has stopped working.

Help will be appreciated.



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Hi Aman, 


Is it possible to see your chassis when going through Windows Device Manager?

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The PCI-PCI bridge is seen in the Device Manager, but Chassis 1073 is not there. I have attached the screen shot of Device manager and MAX to show with software is installed. The setup used to work fine on this computer until we had to wipe the hard disk off.

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It looks like you don't have the MXI compatibility software installed.  Or it didn't install correctly or something like that, but your device manager screenshot is consistent with the switch on the 8361 set and no software.


Can you try reinstalling it?  Or uninstalling and reinstalling?


- Robert

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I did reinstall MXI BIOS Compatibility software 1.2 (see screen shot). But everytime I reinstall it, my computer continuously reboots after getting to Windows XP screen. Only way I can get windows boot is by "Loading Last known Good Configuration". Does loading LKGC undo what MXI BIOS Compatibility software is supposed to do after installation?


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Forgot to mention that the BIOS is up to date.


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Yes, loading "Last Known Good Configuration" undoes the MXI compatibility install.  That would explain the symptom.


Can you run without the compatibility driver?  That would be the easiest solution.


There's a newer version (1.3) of the MXI compatibility driver.  I think there was a problem with 1.2 in some cases if you were using a FAT32 partition, though I could just be spreading rumors.  See if 1.3 will install correctly.


- Robert

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