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We have here several PXIe4472 modules and we were planning to use them for a test. We also have some iepe accelerometers. Going through the specifications of the module I've realised there's a high pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 3.4Hz when AC coupling is enabled. This is a huge problem for us since the first interesting phenomenon we want to capture is likely to happen below that. My question is then, can I enable DC coupling (to get rid of that filter) and still feed the IEPE accelerometers (typically they need a constant 4mA current)? I don't have all the equipment now with me and I cannot test it myself.


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You could use the DAQmxChannel property node to set the coupling. 


Sorry, I misunderstood the question. 

Maybe this link might help clarify your question regarding using IEPE excitation together with DC coupling. 


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Thanks for your response. I'm afraid my question is more at a hardware level, when I DC couple a particular channel within a PXIe4472 can I still connect a IEPE Accelerometer or will I have to find an external current source because the module is not suplying it anymore (for DC Couple enabled). Not sure if I explain myself.

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Oh, the link was very useful, thanks indeed.

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