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PXIe-8840 hanging only after a hard reboot



I have a PXIe-8840 controller that I had a problem with. In order to fix the issue we used the RAD Utility to retrieve an image of a duplicate system and deployed the image to the controller we were having problems with. This activity fixed the issue we were having with our Veristand based test system, but it introduced another issue.


If we power cycle the PXIe chassis using the power button, the bootup hangs at the point where the web services are being started. If we press the reset button on the front of the controller it will successfully bootup. Also, if the system is up and we restart the system from Max it also comes up successfully. We only have issues starting up from a power cycle.


I have included pictures below. You can see the line it hangs at in the top picture and that all 4 CPUs have jumped to 100%. The 2nd picture shows a successful boot and the line that comes up after the point at which the system hangs.


We did not have this issue until we deployed the new image.


I am trying to figure out where to begin looking as I am on the rookie side of working with PXIe chassis and controllers. 


Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided.

PXIe hang.jpg

PXIe no hang.jpg

John O'C
Staff Test Systems Engineer
Woodward, Inc.
Skokie, Illinois, USA

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