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PXIe -8821 and old dell monitor

I have a PXIe 8821 connected to an old Dell monitor.  The 8821 is using the DP port to the 25 pin d sub connector on the back of the monitor.  I'm using a DP to 25 d sub connector to go from the controller to the monitor.  When I hook up the connection the monitor goes dark.  Can you use the old monitor w the dp port?  Prior to this I was using a PXIe 8101 w the dell monitor and it worked fine.( D sub 25 to DVI)





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Hi Clint1000,


This KB looks similar to what you're talking about: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000001DcDhSAK&l=en-US .

It says that the only officially tested and supported adapters are those that NI sells. You may get other adapters to work, but their performance is not guaranteed.

C. Weeks
Product Support Engineer
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I'm using the DP to D Sub connect that was supplied w the PXI8821

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