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PXIe-8383mc in Slot 2 is not identified by PXIe-1078

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i have a problem with PXIe-8383mc, that is connected to Slot 2 of PXIe-1078 Chassis. After i cannot establish connection via x8 MXI Cable (the pcie card in the host pc is correctly recognized and listed in Device Manager) i connected PXIe-8135 Embedded Controller via LAN-Cable to my PC (Win7, x86).


After starting NI MAX it shows all other connected Modules in Slot 6 and Slot 7 but Slot 2 seems to be empty, it is not listed. A installed all of Software that i found on the host system and over NI MAX everything of software for PXIe-8135. (after installation of all software i have at the boot screen 1 error: niecatapisv.dll not found! (dependancy), but it is an other thing). 


The Module PXIe-8383mc has 2 status LEDs: both green and not blinking. (PWR/LINK, MC). I don't have more ideas to solve the problem. Please help.


Thank you for any help in advance!

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Could it be probably a problem with the hardware --> with module PXIe-8383mc, that PXI System don't find it itself?

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i tested it with changing the slots, but it has not solved the problem, actually i have PXIe-8383mc in Slot 4 of PXI-1078 Chassis

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Hello mgold,


for me this sounds like a hardware issue. Coud you test your 8383mc in an other chassis?




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Hello Branni,


thank you for your answer! Unfortunately I don't have this option because i don't have an another chassis which is compatible to 8383mc-Module.


The PXI-System is new, i can not imagine that a just bought system would have a hardware error, i connected it like it stands in documentation step by step. 


But I think there is no choice more, it must be send back to NI for repair.


Best Regards,


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If both LEDs on the front the PXIe-8383mc are solid green, the hardware thinks it's working correctly.  If I understand your setup correctly, you've got a chassis with a PXIe-8135 as the controller and that chassis contains the PXIe-8383mc.  Then, out the front panel of the PXIe-8383mc, you're cabling to a host computer that contains a PCIe-8381.


If all that is correct, have you installed the NI-PXImc driver on both systems?

Did you power the PXIe-8135 system on first?

If either of these are No, try fixing that first.


If both are yes,

Can either system see the PXIe-8383mc card?

Does Windows Device Manager report any problems?


I don't currently suspect that it's bad hardware, given that I think the card thinks it's linked to both hosts.  I think this is something we can debug.




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One other question, if you can see the front of the PXIe-8383mc in the chassis (above and left of the heat sink)...are there 2 LEDs lit along the top edge of the card?




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Hello Robert,


yes, you understand my setup right!


Yes to both options: i installed the NI-PXImc drivers on both systems and powered the PXIe-8135 always first.


The Host-PC with Windows 7 has 8383mc-Entries in the Device Manager after driver installation, so yes the Host-PC can see the PXIe-8383mc Card.

But the PXI-System cannot see anything in context to 8383mc!! The Slot with 8383mc-Card is marked in the NI MAX as empty or better saying it is in general not listed there.


No, Windows Device Manager does not report any problems.


Best Regards,



P.S. i attached a screenshot from NI System Configurator, that i made some two weeks ago, but the situation is the same: the 8383mc-Card was in Slot 2 and it is not listed there. PXI does not know anything about this card, PXImc-Driver is installed at PXI-Controller.

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Thank you for your help!!


>> One other question, if you can see the front of the PXIe-8383mc in the chassis (above and left of the heat sink)...are there 2 LEDs lit along the top edge of the card?


I will check it tomorrow and write here back! I post some more Screenshots tomorrow.

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Accepted by topic author mgold

Hello mgold,


With NI-PXImc 1.0 software, PXIe-8383mc is visible in NI MAX on the system connected to it via the backplane (in your case PXIe-8135) only if the system is running Windows OS. So in your case of PXIe-8135 running LabVIEW Real-Time, you would not be able to see the PXIe-8383mc device in NI MAX.


However, since both the LEDs are green and the device is showing up in Windows device manager, it is in a good state and ready for use. You can verify that the hardware and software are working fine by running PXImc examples in LabVIEW.



Shreyas B.
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments

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