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PXIe-8301 firmware update issue

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I have a PXIe-8301, and am trying to firmware update it with https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/downloads/software-products/download.pxie-8301-firmware-and-additio.... This is in a PXIe-1062 chassis. 


This firmware update always fails with "The provided firmware image requires a newer version of PXI Platform Services than is available on the system." 


I think I have the correct version of 22.5 (see attached screenshot). I've tried a totally fresh install of all the related NI software on a new machine, same effect. I suspect this is a version checking failure? 


Any ideas?

Thanks, -p



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Hi pwassam,


The firmware update is for a newer version of the PXIe-8301 so it doesn't apply to your board. There's a Q4 version of Platform Services that might give you a better error message (I'm hoping) but it still won't let you use that firmware on your board.


The newer hardware replaces some unavailable components but doesn't add any new features. The firmware between the boards is incompatible, and this firmware update is simply the initial version for the new hardware.


Sorry for the confusion -- the documentation isn't helpful around this point.


- Robert

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