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PXIe-8245 Ethernet Instrument install in STS chassis

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I need to add an 8245 4port Enet instrument in my STS instrument chassis.
I there a specific ethernet spring connector(s) that I should also purchase?
Or is it necessary I install ethernet jacks on my application board to attach the 8245 port cables to?


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AFAIK there are no pogo cables available for 8245. BTW, you need to raise this question through your NI Sales Engineer or Account Manager as any STS HW config details are not publicly available.


If you need to use 8245 in STS, you need to run cables from instrument to your loadboard directly as there is no pogo cable. This is not preferred in a production environment as you need to leave the STS panels open or drill holes to route the cable and moreover external cables are prone to human errors during setup.

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