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PXIe-8238 SFP+ Transcievers

I'm looking at the PXIe-8238 card. The datasheet says the card has two SFP+ ports that support 10GBASE-SR optic and Copper Direct Attach physical media. Can the card be configured for 10GBASE-T if I were to buy 10GBASE-T (copper only) SFP+ transcievers?

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10GBASE-T is copper type, but it uses CAT6a connector, which is RJ45 connector, but PXIe-8238 has SFP+ port, which means its not compatible. The copper direct attach media refer to SFP+ direct attach copper cable.


To use 10GBASE-T on PXIe-8238, a RJ to SFP+ converter is needed.

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