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PXIe-8105: expresscard SATA boot


Hi all. Does exist a way how to make ExpressCard/34 on PXIe-8105 bootable for SATA external HDD? I have updated BIOS (1.3.3). Thanks for suggestions! Simon

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Hi simkonx,


I am afraid that there is no proper way to do that. Frankly saying I am almost sure that it is not supported way to use 8105. But You can try to do that. Actually I am interested in the outcome.



Did You try to boot already? I would expect problems with BIOS, SATA/PATA incompatibility and maybe also some more. Can You see the Express card or HDD in the BIOS boot menu?


What is the reason why You want to boot from Express card?

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Hi MarinKor. Thanks for reply.


I spent with about 5 hours. The BIOS Setup is not good, it is very proprietary, espacially in questions of booting. There is native support of SATA, but only IDE44 2,5 slot. BIOS can change it to two IDE, that option of own definition of SATA disk with eXpress card does not work. My result is that the eXpress card slot is unbootable in.


Why? Small, fast, SSD supporting. There is only way to use those mSATA SSD - to - 44pIDE adapters, but it is not the same. Slow disk from fast disk.



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yeah, that's something I was afraid that will happen. So if You want SSD with all benefits, You always can buy new controller. 😉


Just to make this post usefull also for others with the same question and maybe different controller - here is relevant KB about SSD compatibility with PXI controllers.


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