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PXIe-8031 in PXIe-1082 causing Driver Verifier DMA Violation BSOD on Win10

Yes, we've determined that Kernal DMA Protection is causing issue with some of our modules when used with the 8301 remote controller. 

If you can't find a Kernel DMA Protection option in the BIOS to disable, try looking for Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VTd) and disable that. This should stop the BSoDs. This is the only work around we have at the moment and are actively working on a solution that allows for Kernel DMA Protection to be enabled while using the 8301.

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! found the Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VTd) setting in my BIOS and disabled it.


I no longer get the BSOD with “Driver Verifier DMA Violation” error but the system still does not work right when any PXI cards are plugged into my PXIe-1078 chassis with the PXIe-8301 Thunderbolt controller.


NI SMBus Controller has yellow exclamation point in Device Manager.

Devices and Interfaces in MAX is all messed up.


The system works fine when only a PXIe-6361 DAQ card is plugged into the chassis with the PXIe-8301 controller.


This same chassis with a PXIe-8360 controller card connected to an older laptop via ExpressCard-8360 works just fine with all PXIe and PXI cards installed.


My laptop with Thunderbolt 3 ports is a Dell Precision 7740 Workstation.


PXIe-1078 Chassis:

Slot 1: PXIe-8301 Controller

Slot 2: Empty

Slot 3: PXIe-6361 DAQ

Slot 4: Empty

Slot 5: PXI-4065 DMM

Slot 6: PXI-5421 FGEN

Slot 7: PXI-5105 8 CH Scope

Slot 8: Empty

Slot:9: PXI-4070 DMM


Please see Device Manager screen shot, MAX Devices and Interfaces screen shot and ni_support.zip.



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Please check if you've enough PCI busses allocated to the Thunderbolt to enumerate the slots on the chassis


You would need roughly 10 free busses on the computer to properly enumerate all the slots.






Soliton Technologies

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I had the same Problem causing a Bluescreen with DMA Violation Error with the following Setup:

Laptop: Dell Latitude 7400

NI PXI-1078 Chassis

NI PXIe-8301 Thunderbolt MXI Express Card

NI PXI-8432 -> Accessing COM Port Caused the Bluescreen!



- Deactivating Kernel-DMA_Schutz via BIOS indirectly:
I Disabled

  • Intel Virtualization Technology.
  • Intel Virtualization Technology für I/O (VT-d)


Description from MS for ACTIVATION of this Security Setting:




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Can you provide the specific error code associated with the SMBus controller yellow bang in device manager?  It should be displayed in Device Properties.


Please also provide C:\windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log.  This is a log of driver initialization behavior, and may help explain the problem with the SMBus driver.

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I am experiencing the same issue, are you able to find the solution? thanks

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Can you provide the specific error code associated with the SMBus controller yellow bang in device manager? It should be displayed in Device Properties.

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Please these snapshots. I've also uploaded Setupapi.dev Thanks for your help



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Code 10 on NI-SMBus is very likely related to a known issue with newer Thunderbolt hosts, for which a patch was applied in the recently released PXI Platform Services 20.7.  Please upgrade and report back to confirm the problem is resolved.


Note that the Code 10 error on NI-SMBus is not related to the DMA Violation error described in the title of this thread; any DMA settings you have changed to resolve those sorts of issues should be left alone even after updating the driver.

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I also had the BSOD error that was corrected by disabling Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O but after that I then had the Code 10 error in device manager and the only way I got my thunderbolt controller to work with my PXIe-1078 chassis was to have a PXI card that did not require an NI driver in the chassis. In my case having a PXI-8231 network card in the chassis allowed the system to detect other cards without the Code 10 error in the device manager.


I just updated to the PXI Platform Services 20.7 driver and this has cured all of my problems with the thunderbolt controller.


Thanks so much for posting this update!

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