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PXIe-8031 in PXIe-1082 causing Driver Verifier DMA Violation BSOD on Win10


I have a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation 7740 running Win10. All drivers are properly installed. I’m using the integrated thunderbolt port on the laptop.


I have a PXIe-1082 chassis with a PXIe-8301 MXI-Express card for remote control of the PXIe. Cards installed are:


Slot5:  PXI-6683H

Slot6:  PXI-4462

Slot7:  PXI-4461


Connecting the chassis to my 7740 causes system crash and BSOD with “Driver Verifier DMA Violation”.


If I remove the 3 cards in slots 5-7 my computer does not crash. Installing any of the 3 cards causes a crash. The only obvious factor is that the 3 cards are PXI, not PXIe. Beyond that I have no idea what is causing the issue.


Note that colleagues of mine that have recent Dell Latitude laptops (can’t remember the model number off hand but they’re 2019 model year with integrated thunderbolt) and they do not experience this issue.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mike_RT,


Can you attached a MAX Technical Report for me? This will give me information on what NI Software is installed, BIOS version, and what NI services are running. 


Also, can you let me know what version of the Thunderbolt driver you have installed? 



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MAX Technical Report attached.


The Intel driver installed for the Thunderbolt controller is version 1.41.648.5. Is that the Thunderbolt driver version you are looking for? I recently checked for driver updates from Dell and installed anything that wasn't the latest release to make sure that wasn't the issue. 


Thanks for trying to help!!

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for this! We've had a couple of similar issues like this pop up and NI R&D is looking into this. The problem we're having is that all of the laptops we've tested are working as expected so we're trying to gather information from user to recreate the issue in house. At this time, I don't have any additional troubleshooting steps for you, but I'll try to keep you updated as information comes my way.



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Hi Mike,


Quick question, when you have just the 1082 chassis and PXIe-8301 connected to the laptop (no PXI/PXIe modules installed) do the chassis and 8301 show up correctly in MAX? Can you send over a screen shot of that so I can take a look? 

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