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PXIe-6259 DAQmx module is not recognized by LabVIEW-RT



I have some problems due to my PXI system that has LabVIEW-RT doesn't recognize the PXIE-6259 data adquisition module but the controller is recognized. I have installed all the software. But my remote PXI system doesn't recognize the module.

The software that I can't install into the LabVIEW RT is the DAQmx software. I haven't the option to do this operation when I use the add software option.


Someone knows what I can done to use this module with LabVIEW Real Time??
Someone has experience with this module or another module and LabVIEW RT??



Best regards.


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Hi alarrucea,


the PXIe-6259 is supported under RTOS. In spite of the fact that you have installed the whole software in your PC, your PXIe-8130 controller might not have NI-DAQmx software installed on it. To fix it, follow next steps:


1.- Right click on Software under MAX >> Remote Systems >> LabVIEW-RT PXI system and select Add/Remove Software.

2.- Select Custom Install and NI-DAQmx driver in the drop down list.

3.- Install NI-DAQmx.


Once the PXI controller has rebooted, you should be able to find your 6259 board and your PXI system in MAX should looks like the attached screenshot.


I hope this helps!



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