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PXIe-4499 DAQmx Trigger

I'd like to trigger off a rising edge on one of the analog channels, let's say AI0, on a PXIe-4499 card however I can't seem to figure out how to specify the trigger source. I'm using the "DAQmx Trigger.vi" and the documentation says the following:


"source is the name of a virtual channel or terminal where there is an analog signal to use as the source of the trigger"


I tried creating a virtual channel with no luck and have looked through the 4499's documentation but haven't been able to find a reference to source names.


Can anybody offer a suggestion or point me in the direction of an example?

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Hello bww,


The example you are looking for can be found on this page. The source you specify will be the signal that triggers the acquisition.  This signal can come through the PFIO for your device, the PXIe chassis backplane, or the Analog Input channels. For your purpose (correct me if I am wrong) you want to acquire on AIO and begin the acquisition when the analog signal (AIO) is above a certain level? Then I would recommend configuring the example to look like the item below.






Izzy O.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments


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