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PXIe 4353 TC and CJC calibration

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I'm calibrating a PXIe 4353 module using the following calibration manual - http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/373563a.pdf

The PXIe 4353 module has 32 thermocouple channels and 8 CJC channels but in the manual the calibration part is done for the first TC channel (Dev1/ai0:1) and the first CJC channel (Dev1/_cjtemp0).

Does calibrating only this change the calibration constants for the entire module or should I calibrate the remaining 31 TC channels and 7 CJC channels in order for the PXIe 4353 to be fully calibrated.

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Hi Hprasan,


Based on the calibration manual, it seems that you calculate the reference value and then apply it to all the channels at once using the LabVIEW calibration functions.


-Mitchell | NI


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