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PXIe 4330 Calibration Issue

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I have been  trying  to calibrate the  PXIe 4330 and have been getting some consistant errors when attempting to the the Gain Accuracy Test from the NI SC Express 4330/4331 Calibration Procedure


For three brand new 4330 cards, I have been getting a consistant error in table 5 of the  manual for Calibrator Outputs: 295.8, 341.3, and 358.8, as well as a consistant error in table 4 for Calibrator Outputs:  341.3, and 358.8.  


I am fairly confident that I am following the procedures properly. I have been using the recommended Fluke 5220A calibrator and the cards passed all other verification tests except the Gain Accuracy Test.


Anyone have any ideas? Has the manuals tables been updated?


Thanks  in advance

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Thank you for using NI forums! Actually, we have found some errors in those tables. We are working on correcting the document, but here is a rough revised table for you:


4330 gain accuracy test limits.PNG


I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused! Let me know if you are still having troubles even with the above table. 



Katie Collette
National Instruments
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Aha I see what is wrong with the tables in the Calibration Procedure pdf. The pdf only has one significant figure for the Calibrator Output. The pdf's Calibrator Outputs are rounded up values from the table posted here and so the nominal values are incorrect for certain values for example: 


295.75 Ohms -> 0.0420054 V/V Nominal Value




295.80 Ohms -> 0.0419635 V/V Nominal Value






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