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PXIe-4112 supply -15VDC



I didn't want to damage the power supply trying this.  Can I tie the positive lead to ground and the negative lead to a op amp to supply a -15VDC?  I saw a reverse voltage protection mentioned in the data sheet and wasn't sure if that keep me from doing this. If it is possible, will I need to tie the sensing lines opposite so that it reads a positive voltage and program it that way?





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Hi Cody,

Could you provide us more detail about why are you trying to connect the board like this?

We also will need to take into account that this board has remote sensing and this too might prevent you to do this configuration.




National Instruments



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I'm trying to provide power to an op amp.  I will eventually need 28VDC, -28VDC, 12VDC, -12VDC, 5VDC, and -5VDC.  I think with most DC power supplies you can swap the positive and negative leads to get a negative voltage.  I noticed in the spec sheet though of the PXIe-4112 in the "Protection" section that there was Overcurrent or reverse voltage protection.


Yeah, I mentioned that in the original post.  Would I have to set up the sensing so that it would read positive, even though the voltage I'm supplying is negative to the Op Amp?


Just wanted to make sure that doesn't affect what i'm trying to do.

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Hi Cody,

If you check the quadrant diagram in the following link, you will notice that the PXIe-4112 works on the first quadrant meaning that this board does not work with negative voltage or current.



If you input any of those you might run the risk of damaging your board.


So I wouldn't recommend this board for what you are trying to do.
I would recommend a board like the PXI-4110 in which the channel 2 work on the 3rd quadrant.


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