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PXIe-4112 change current limit

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I have a PXIe-4112 programmable power supply, it has two channels and each channel is factory set to 60V and 1 A maximum. When i bought the PSU i thought 1 A would be more than i needed but as it turns out it is not... Is it possible to change this through software or by modding the hardware in some way? 





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What are your actual requirements (number of channels, voltage, and current)?  The 1A is a design specification.  You may be able to use multiple channels set to the same voltage wired in parallel to get your current capacity.

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I need two channels, both with voltages between 18 V and 25 V and current of at least 1.2 A. I have thought about buying a second PXIe-4112 and wire them in parallell as you suggest but that is a lot of money for another 0.2 A 😕

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Unfortunately, you can't get around the design specifications. You're limited to 60W (up to 60v, up to 1A) per channel with the auxiliary power supply.


0.2A seems small but it is 20% above the design spec. It is best that you go with a higher current PS but at the cost of the reduced voltage range.




Read this article to understand about merging multiple SMU - http://www.ni.com/tutorial/52335/en/



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