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PXIe-4082 with PXIe-2575

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is it possible to use multiple PXIe-2575 multiplex modules with one DMM 4082?

I want to measure voltage on 180 channels, so my idea was to connect two 2575 cards with one DMM and always connect one channel to measure. Does anybody know if this works or has any better idea?


Thanks dor your help!

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Hi simonp0,


you can combine multiple Matrix / Multiplex cards with a DMM 4082 as long as the combination fits to your topology. In your case I would suggest to use both 2575 as 196x1 1-Wire and separate the V+ and V-  signal to the two 2575.


Best regards,
Michael Wagner

National Instruments

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I have a similar configuration. I would like to use the PXIe-2575 to MUX in 32VDC from a PXIe-4112 Programable Power Supply to my DUT. I have 70 pairs I need to send the voltage to one pair at a time.

How do I connect the output of the power supply to the MUX? Can it use the PXI backplane?


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