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PXIe-1095 Chassis daisy chain extension with PXIe-1083

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We currently have a PXIe-1095 chassis with a PXIe-8862 embedded controller, and I'm interested in expanding our setup by daisy chaining another PXIe-1083 chassis with the PXIe-1095. Upon researching online, I found the PXI Remote Control and System Expansion Product Flyer - National Instruments (ni.com) from National Instruments, which suggests using a remote control module for this purpose. However, I'm curious if there are any alternative methods to achieve daisy chaining using the PXIe-8862 embedded controller in the PXIe-1095 chassis with the PXIe-1083 chassis, without the need for additional remote control modules.

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The PXIe-1083 chassis has a built in Thunderbolt controller. With that, you can connect directly to the Thunderbolt ports on the PXIe-8862. You would not need a chassis expansion module. 

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You already got the answer from @Captain_K.


If you have all the hardware on hand, just connect them together, and the existing drivers should be compatible as such.

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Please take note that there are limited PCIe resources allocated to TBT. If you daisy-chain multiple 1083 chassis, you might face PCI out of resource issue due to PCI bus number is running out. The bus number reserved settings should be available in BIOS under Advanced tab -> Thunderbolt Configuration.

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