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PXIe-1088 Chassis + PXIe-8301 + PXIe-2527 + PXI-2522 Combination Not Working

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To any who may be able to assist,


I am trying to configure the following combination of components to work together: PXIe-1088 Chassis, a PXIe-8301 remote controller, a PXIe-2527 multiplexer, and a PXI-2522 relay card. The issues all started when I plugged the PXIe chassis into my computer for the first time via Thunderbolt 3 cable. Opening up NI MAX, I can see the chassis listed, and the PXI 2522 and PXIe 8301 both show up, however the PXIe 2527 does not show up under the chassis, but instead shows up as an unrelated device.


I made sure that I had NI-Switch downloaded (v 19.0). Additionally, all drivers which I believe I need to operate the PXI chassis are version 19.0 (I am using Labview 2019). After digging in a bit deeper into the device manager, I learned that both the PXIe-2527 and the PXI-2522 have the following warnings:


I found this NI forum post which matches most of my conditions, however, based on the above error message, I cannot tell if the cards I have in the PXIe chassis use I/O mapping. (https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000001Dd55SAC&l=en-US). I am unsure of where to go from this point, so if anyone has any advice or recommendations, or even ways to potentially resolve this issue, I am open to suggestions! (If any more pertinent detail is needed, please let me know)



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In short, this would mean that your PC did not allocate enough PCIe bus addresses for use with Thunderbolt. If none of the workarounds found so far work, you have to find another better PC with a higher address allocated for Thunderbolt.


For example, if your PC allocated only 10 address values for use by Thunderbolt but the devices connected to Thunderbolt require more than 10 addresses - you will end up in the current situation.


Please run this utility and share the list of addresses available,







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Accepted by topic author Isaac_V

Hi Isaac_V,


What is your host? I assume it's pretty recent?


Please try PXI Platform Services 21.0 (the latest version). I think it fixes the bug you're seeing between PXI (without the 'e') boards and new Thunderbolt hosts. The bug spills over to some PXIe boards as well.



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I downloaded PXI Platform services 21.0 and it seems to have worked! I now have functionality with both the PXI-2522 and PXIe-252. Thanks for the suggestion!

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