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I'm attempting to find a 3D Solid model (stp format) for the PXIe-1086 chassis.  Only surface models are available on the Dimensional Drawings link.  The cover of the chassis exists as a solid, but not the chassis itself.  We need a 3D solid model for our uppper level rack assembly. 

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Hi Tritonm,


Here is a link that has the CAD drawings for the PXIe-1086 chassis.  Please let me know if this will work for you.  If you need additional information, I will have to escalate to our R&D department.  This process can take some time.  


Dimensional Drawing for PXIe-1086





John R.
National Instruments
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Thank you John, but as I said in my initial posting, the files at the Dimensional Drawings link were ALL generated as surface models.  We would like to get a solid model.  Your surface models are immaculate, but do not work well in our drawings (incredible slow down!).  I guess you'll have to escalate this to your R&D department.

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I have escalated your question and we will not be able to release any other drawings. Unfortunately, even if I was given acces to the solid model, I would not be able to release it on the forum.  We may have a solid model drawing, however this would contain proprietary information that we would not be able to release.  If this is critical to your application, you can call into support and ask the engineer to escalate the issue.  Keep in mind that there are not any guarantees that they could release it either.  



John R.
National Instruments
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Thank you John.  I understand the proprietary information aspect.  I wasn't asking for a drawing with any information, just a solid model (shrinkwrap combining all of the assembled parts into one unified part).  We'll generate our own model here.  Thank you for your efforts!

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