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PXIe 1085 with PCIe-8381 MXI not displaying in MAX



I meant to say that version 1.5 works with Windows 10.  It was released before Win10, so it wasn't tested with that OS at release, but it works fine with it anyway.


- Robert

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Thanks for all you guys help to make all working.

Here are what I have done to resolve the PCIe-8381 MXI on Win10 issues that caused PC was not booted and MAX could not detect all PXI cards.

1. PCI(e) board DIP Switch Configuration - Switched DIP Switch Mode 1 to "ON", This resolved PC boot problem. 


2.Checked number of Buses in the PCIe to make sure my PC supports enough bus for 1085 chassis and all PXI cards. My new PC showed 254. 


3. Installed  the latest  BIOS compatibility software "NIMXIeCmpt150.exe" that showed it only supports Win7 and 8, but when I have installed the version on Win10 PC, it worked fine without any issues.

I hope this help to those who may have this problem. Also, I think NI should have updated the latest BIOS compatibility software for Win10 environment since Win10 would be common OS now.  

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