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PXIe-1085 unidentified in MAX

I have a PXIe-1085 with a PXIe-8840 quad core controller that is unidentified in MAX. The chassis has PXI-6704 cards in slots 2-5, PXIe-6363 cards in slots 6-13, and PXI-4353 cards in slots 14-16. The cards show up in the Devices and Interfaces tree individually, pass self check, and can run test panels.  The PXIe-1085 shows up at the bottom of the list of devices as unidentified. The 8840 is identified with the chassis but the chassis remains unidentified. The drop down list for identifying the chassis does not contain the 1085 chassis option. The list stops as 1056. I can not find a chassis.ini or pxisys.ini file anywhere on my system. I have tried deleting the chassis and refreshing to no avail. Do I need to delete the configuration and star over with a bare chassis and controller?

This is a system that was purchased over 3 years ago and is being implemented just now.

Windows 7 SP1

MAX 18.0

Platform Services 19.1

LabVIEW 16


Any help will be appreciated!


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Problem solved!


I had to delete the configuration, shutdown and remove all of the PXIe cards from the chassis, reboot and search for new devices.  The chassis was found and identified.  I saved the configuration and shutdown, reinserted the PXIe cards, and reboot.  The bare chassis was still in the device tree but it was empty. I searched for devices and the chassis was populated with the cards.  Saved the configuration and shutdown. Upon reboot, the chassis was identified with the cards in their respective slots. Saved the configuration once again.


Thank you everyone for your helpSmiley Happy

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